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Premier offers various scholarships and financial aid plans to student to help them in their education. Our sole mission is to impart low cost yet high quality education to students in every part of the world. The entire team at Premier University enables people from all sectors to get quality education offering up to 75% scholarship on tuition fee.


We boast a highly skilled academic staff which is committed to providing the best quality of education. Our faculty comprises thousands of faculty members from all over the world. They possess outstanding quality of education from reputable institutes, including Ivy League universities. More than 25% of our faculty members hold a PhD degree in their area of study.


Premier University is recognized and accredited by global and regional accreditation bodies. Our associations are a proof that Premier University fully meets the online education quality guidelines set by the accrediting/recognizing bodies. Any professional online program or course you choose at Crosby University is accredited, and accepted and recognized the world over.

100% Online Accredited Degree Programs

Degree Programs

Premier University offers bachelor, master and doctorate as well as associate degree programs which are completely online and accredited

Diploma Programs

For a more focused learning experience, our diploma programs allow you to excel in a particular course or area of study.

Certificate Programs

For a short course to enhance your professional skills, premier university offers certificate programs to help you excel in your career.

Our Skilled Faculty Members